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thick rope tied around his strength, tingling of the coarse fibers of the skin on the wrists " under the arms to his dog " I felt his hands pulling my shirt from my jeans, cold metal on the back. The sound of the scissors, and I realized that he cut my shirt. Then cut into my bra. A few smart cuts and was naked from the waist dresses cut adrift from the ferns at my feet. My hand-tied, and still want to turn around. I heard a noise at my feet, and a wound tightly around the eyes. I realized myT- cut is used to give shufuni me my blindfold. My jeans were not insured and pulled down " out of my boots," now it was just my white cotton underwear. The cold metal on my shufuni skin, and were cut from both sides. shufuni The wind caresses my body, my nipples hard exciting. "One step forward 3 steps, no nettles, ferns only: " I went as follows, the rope was pulled around my wrists, arms forced me up. I could hear him moving, the rope has been fixed, and I was curious, almost on tiptoe. I realized I should have connected the other end to a branch. " The great thing about nature, there are many things you need to improvise, the downside is the noise to get attention," " I'll be quiet," I promised, determined to please. He laughed, "bitch never quiet, and yet not, I have a better solution," felt something soft and cottony forced into my mouth, something that smelled so familiar, and realized with a start, I was choking on my own underwear. Standing, lying, dumb and blind my pussy was wet, my body yearning, I knew I could see my breasts, my nipples erect, my ass curves. I heard a clicking noise around me and wondered what was going to find improvise. Then I felt the gentle touch of the branches on the back. He had broken a branch of a tree. Teasing me, drew patterns on my thighs, my ass, my back. Then, in the belly and breasts. I wanted to go where he spun, the sharpness of the industry, as they continued their way around my body. To prolong the delicious ridicule. Then stronger, shoulders, back, first, receive special attention, because, how sensitive he was. First a slap on the ass, shufuni my legs, my breasts, my belly. The individual branches worldwide the road begins a new area, which becomes a new sensation. and not cold, I was never sure that the next blow would have made is part of my body is elected next venerable. Come, I had to bite my pantss in
Quotes he mouth when corporal punishment was more difficult to pierce the skin with each branch, which burns with the force of his blows. My orgasm came over me, shook me, put all my weight on the rope around my wrists, my lifeless body. , tears soaked the blindfold off, he whispered : "Thank you Mr. " felt resolved the tension in the rope, the knot on my wrist setback. " Bitch just two steps shufuni ahead," he said quietly. A two steps taken straight to the tree trunk. "Put your hands around the dog tree " The bark was rough on my skin friction on the skin, where the industry had already left a network of desire. He tied my hands in front of me and so I was tied to a tree. kissed my neck, where the spider had to spend the extra time, his kisses followed the pattern of your shots, and started moving to the rhythm, swung his legs far apart, and with one finger, if they are between my lips " good bitch " He said : "Always so wet," I tried again in the fingers, but I was too small shufuni to force the trees. He withdrew his hand and turned away from me. Then I felt his cock into my pussy, each time you push forward the bark is rubbed against my nipples. He fucked me harder, faster, I began to stream, he heard me in the spring of dry autumn leaves. He bit his neck and kissed his cock in my pussy. Shit as I did only rarely. His head was buried in the neck, which seemed to come so urgent, as I am. I hammered into the tree, its rough bark scratched adding that already exists. His cock filled me for me to get shufuni what I had to bite my pants, do not shout my joy. I realized that I was muttering, " Oh my fucking bitch" over and over again. He found space to put your hand forward and play with my clitoris. This time I squirt that gushed out, soaking them both with my juices. He put his other hand around my neck. We moved as one, the tree under the weight. Nude in the wood, each animal desire. Then, with a gsmaller than the proximity of the pain he arrived. He stood at the last minute and sprayed his cum in my ass, hot on my skin fever. that bore the marks of zero, as a badge of honor for how long had and was transferred by the time they became so weak that I regretted very little out there. How do I get home? There were, of course, I already had and took a change of clothes and was learning these things changed between us forever, but that's another story.


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The attempt to write the sentence above lulu history has inspired, in fact, a new door of history. That was much faster, but I hope you still enjoy it, the writing has been working in good condition, leave me! -------------------- --------------------------- --- -------------------- ------------------- o green shoots on the branches , shufuni the smell of growth suggests the change shufuni of shufuni season, I went and tried to burn the energy release is required. I had to get my mind to be full of it for use at home. I had not heard from him in over a week since my punishment. He was always there, haunting me. before him, extended my breasts, not ordered reduced. He reported that the shufuni number of tabs setting allows my orgasms. shufuni I had stood, and dared not look into his eyes, until with a finger under her chin, lifted her head. "Enjoy" he said. The thin nylon rope burns on my nipples. I almost dropped my hand with sudden pain. Fight, I remain stillheard him say, "one" then the other breast, which experts called the tip of the nipple. Shock waves ran through my body. Focusing on the wall I turned my back, my breasts are a little higher, just 4 more. , but had underestimated the effect of making my nipples and throbbing. The cable sent wave after wave of pain through me. Shoot in my pussy and the clitoris itself, as I struggled not to mourn. The last three were a blur of pain I felt, everything expands, but the time of the extension of sensation. And then the sweet ice cream on each nipple, calming the fire, while increasing the need for me. I hoped it would then excuse me, as he fucked me, I have asked, but I had learned long ago, was immune to my pleas. Instead, I wrapped in a blanket and went, as I return, I could here shufuni the normal sounds of domestic life floating from the kitchen I had seen him since. So now that I have reflected refuge in the woods near my house and if Ihad made a mistake, I like something I did not, to undo. shufuni I was sitting on a fallen log, evidence of winter storms. The electricity in my ears sounded loud, running through the rocks and twisted his way to the river. " Good Morning bitch," he whispered, "Do not turn around, stood with his arms above his head," How did he know he was here, as he found me, cutting my mind but I was not. Talk heart pounding, my legs were shaking me up arms. a